Posted by: Becky Horodyskyj | 01/10/2011

Classy Jackets with a Just Enough Edge

This is probably my favorite of the jackets I’ve seen come out since the Holidays.  The original schoolboy blazer from J. Crew is a classic from season to season, so this is a super fun and sexy way to mix up a very traditional style of jacket.  It’s a little pricey, but the uniqueness and quality never fail to come through with this brand.  Plus, if you are a teacher or a student, you get regular discounts at J. Crew!Navy shown, comes in Forest also.  Click the pic to visit product page!

$148 for an edgy alternative to one of J. Crew's classic best sellers

This jacket from J.Jill is fairly expensive, but anybody who has ever tried finding that perfect leather jacket that is just sexy enough without looking like a biker chick will totally appreciate this find.  Check out the January catalog (viewable online also) on pg 17 for a much better image of what you can pull off in this jacket.Click the image to go to the product page

Sexy, but Very Classy Leather Jacket


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